About Accuracy Addiction LLC.

After many years of shooting long range and competitive shooting I was always looking for that edge. I was never satisfied with good enough. I spent more time in the shop tuning and making changes trying variations and fine tuning rifles than I was shooting them. It became an addiction chasing that "edge". After many years of building rifles for myself and everyone I knew I started Accuracy Addiction.

Accuracy Addiction was formed to produce the most accurate Precision rifles that can possibly be produced. After starting Accuracy Addiction I was asked why I would not work on anything but precision rifles. My response has always been and always will be "stick with what you know" I feel that the only way to produce a great product is to stick to the thing you do best. Keeping the focus on precision rifles allows us to focus on what we do best. Our mission is that great is never good enough and exceptional is the standard.

Building precision rifles takes precision equipment. All of our equipment is held to the same standard or higher tolerances than the rifles themselves. First thing that was done to the lathes and mills was going through every part and even sending off the motors, and drive system to have everything trued and balanced to higher standards than they came new.

Building a rifle that holds a higher standard to the things you cant see than the things you can so that the rifle not only looks awesome it shoots even better because we measure success down range.

Being an avid hunter as well as a competitive long range shooter I realized that there was a gap in the market for precision hunting rifles. Taking the technology and experiences from building long range competition rifles to put into a hunting rifle that would perform like a match rifle. The same precision work goes in to our hunting rifles so that our hunting rifles can be used at any long range match. We also have several crossover rifles that are built using traits from both sides to create an all around rifle ready for your next match and then to the woods.