The Custom Remy

The Custom Remy Remington 700 Action The Super Charged 700 is designed to provide custom quality accuracy and reliability using a reworked factory action.

We true a Remington 700 action and build a complete rifle off an action that has been completely reworked and trued to provide the accuracy expected in any custom rifle build.

We are also happy to take your Remington 700 or Winchester model 70 that you already have and true the action and build your custom rifle.

See pricing discount for customer supplied action.



Trigger & Guard:

Barrel Length & Type:



Rebel Action:

Standard Cost: $2250.00 with customer supplied action that we true.

Standard Cost: $2650.00 where we supply and true the action.

Options for Hunting Rifles

Additional options are available and can be adjusted to fit your requirements.