Our Tactical Rifle Builds Field tested and match proven.


Precision Tactical

The Dispatcher is designed to be a tactical rig that provides all the features a tactical shooter is looking for such as rear butt hook, accepts AI magazines, forward rail for bipod, as well as keeping weight in mind.

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Custom Remy 700

Precision Tactical/Hunting Crossover

The Super Charged 700 is designed to provide custom quality accuracy and reliability using a reworked factory action.

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Precision Tactical/Hunting Crossover

The Rover is designed to be a lightweight rig that uses lightweight stock, Sendero barrel contour,lightweight trigger guard with detachable magazine, and many other features to keep weight at a minimum while still maintaining the same accuracy you can expect from any of our builds.

With these rifles, every detail is paid attention to dropping weight while not sacrificing accuracy.

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